Cathedral Semi-Direct

Some more of the beautiful York Cathedral


From the City Walls

The cathedral seen from the walls, from Mal's perspective ;)

Walking along the city walls was really nice, despite the weather...

Here, the photographer having some problems with his equipment...
We weren't the only one there :)

The Shambles

Shambles is an old street in York, with many quirky shops located in beautiful, little buildings, some of them from the XIV century! Those overhanging timber-framed buildings create an amazing atmosphere and make you feel like in Harry Potter (for ones) or in one of Dickens’ novels (for others). We certainly enjoyed being there, walking around, spending money on delicious hot chocolate and other nice things ;)

We took these two photographs in that amazing chocolate shop I mentioned. One of them was taken with a normal 35mm rangefinder camera, showing how busy the street was. The other one was taken with a camera obscura. Because of a very long exposure time all the people disappeared, making the street look completely abandoned.
I find it amazing...

We hope to be back there sometime...



That's what we did for the most of the time in York :)


Photographing York

And each other during our visit in York (the old one this time) last weekend.
The weather wasn't too good but at least it was dry for the most of the time..
We managed to wonder around the place quite a lot and visit quite a few nice cafes and amazing, original shops :)
We will share some of our photos with you in our next few posts.
Just wait till you see some new photos taken with our new (old style) amazing device!




..just silly party pictures? no--pictures of some of our friends, and pictures of friends are not silly!

a memory of the JAMAJE NYE Party!!

(taken with the Fuji Instax 200 Wide)

p.s. on this one it's me with three oof our cameras hanging from my neck (the hassleblad xpan, the holga and the fuji instax. taken by M with the SX-70)


Testing Holga

Holga is not a name some Scandinavian friend ;) but our new camera, completely made out of plastic. These photographs are not technically perfect but that's what this camera is all about :)
Hope you'll enjoy some of these we took over Christmas.

(soon we will be testing another new 'alternative' toy of ours! stay with us! well--progress, you see)

Shooting Horses

These horses..

Shooting Iceland ;)


April in Iceland

Strange thing.. it was April-like weather in late December when we visited the lakes.. yet on the pictures it looks so scary and thrilling and cold and Icelandic..

Do you recognise who took which photographs?
I'm sure you do :)

Christmas Traveling, Traveling, Traveling, Traveling..

....yes, we did travel quite a bit this Christmas.... and it was great!!


Magical Winter

I keep looking at these photographs Maciej took in Warsaw on the first day of this year and they get me in such a sentimental mood....
This Christmas was so special, even though we wasted quite a bit of time on traveling from place to place....
As we mentioned before we spent the New Year's Eve in Warsaw that welcomed us with fairytale like scenery. All the streets were covered in snow and lit up with so many lights! I must say they did really good job decorating Warsaw this Christmas!
The fact we could share those very special moments together for the first time made everything even more magical :-)
Hope you'll like Maciej's photos and my silly collage--if you look very close you might see some familiar faces :-)

P.S. I will have my photos tomorrow. Can't wait but at the same time I hope there will be something worth showing..