what a weekend!

short but very intense visit in Poland!
more images and stories soon :)

ktorka, ale bardzo intensywna wizyta w Polsce!
wiecej zdjec i historii juz wkrotce :)


People Meet In Architecture

Finally our photographs from the Venice Architecture Biennale that was the reason we went there.
I will write a proper text/review about this event on the other blog.
Things like that take me a lot of time recently but I will do this as British reviews really surprised us with their complimentary tone...
Meantime, please enjoy these few shots (mostly taken by Maciej).




and us enjoying the ride :)


they do have rain in Italy ;)

we were lucky and despite terrible forecasts we read before leaving for Venice we only experienced one evening with rain :)
I guess Venice was sad to say goodbye as it was our last evening in this amazing city..
couple more Venetian posts still to come and even though these are few of the last images we took there (I always try to show them in chronological order ;)) I thought they would correspond with what we have here today...
p.s. M. is playing Weather Report right now as well so it all comes together :)


San Michele

new part by David Chipperfield

Sam Michele-The Island of the Dead or simply Venice's cemetery.
Incredible and very moving place where you can find graves of such prominent people like Brodsky, Stravinsky or Ezra Pound.
Here images taken with 4 different cameras (and we weren't allowed to take any pictures...)
If you're ever in Venice and have some spare time to take the boat trip, it's worth the effort!
(can you see ghost on the last one?)


...enjoying this amazing city!
I keep looking at these photographs and just can't stop myself from posting them here..
I hope you won't mind.
it's just that they bring us a bit of sunshine to this present, grey reality :)


San Marco

(holga + Maciej's arm:))