the ring

Some of you wanted to see it so here it is :)
It has a little diamond and it was made in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter 99 years ago, in the year of our wedding it will be exactly 100 years old...


At Wright Brothers to celebrate our decision :)
And my man, just before we went there :)))


This is when it happened..
Dinner in a very nice Portuguese restaurant, night walk through London and then, in the hotel, very late at night... I was surprised with a little box, red rose and a bottle of champagne :)*
What could I say, I had to say "YES"!

Like Kids ;)

Buhaha, here are we in the Natural History Museum, surrounded by animals (some extinct ones too) :)
M. also on the phone to David Attenborough, unfortunately he was busy with other, more important things ;)

P.S. Still can't believe how big tuna is ;)


Postman's Park

As always in London we most enjoy wondering around without a map and finding places like this.
Postman's Park is a beautiful little churchyard at the back of St Botolph's Aldersgate church. We found there something very moving - Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, a memorial to ordinary people who died saving the lives of others and might otherwise have been forgotten...
Incredible to find such a peaceful place right in the middle of London.
Don't know whether it was the scale of the surrounding buildings or the prominence of this place that made it that was? Both I guess...


Found while wondering around, all photographs by M.

golden lane

To incorporate a little architectural 'accent' to this trip (it is hard not to anyway ;)) we decided to visit Golden Lane Estate by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. They also designed the Barbican development close by.
We were amazed both here and in Barbican how well these places work, how full of life they are and despite the fact they are over half a century old you can see how they still influence today's architecture.

coffee lovers

Yes, we can definitely call ourselves that :)
Here M+M enjoying black americano andice latte in hot London and really cool place-look mum no hands :)
Eating our lunch, surrounded by really nice bikes, M. was dreaming about his single speed fixed gear baby...

around the table...

...and total darkness as I was taking these pictures...
Never the less, there is a mémoire from this lovely time we had together :)
Thank you for coming over to see us and please, please come to visit again!

Marta & Lukasz

We had some special guests for our housewarming party :)
Marta and Lukasz came to see us all the way from Warsaw!
It was so nice to have them here! So nice we decided to see them soon, in Zurich this time.
All of us being guests at another dear couple :)
Here few photos M. took during our Birmingham tour..


as all the good things come to an end much to early we also had to say goodbye but hopefully not for long…
thank you for such a wonderful time we could share and all the memories, photographic ones too :)

another place

As you already know, on our way home, we went to see Anthony Gormley’s Another Place Figures at one of the beaches close to Liverpool.
The statues were surprisingly very difficult to photograph (difficult was not to show them in banal, obvious way), despite that M. managed to observe with his ‘glass eye” ;) an amazing materiality of this place...

this is where we stayed

This is our guest house, just outside Keswick.
It was such a peaceful and full of character place with an amazing view towards the valley.
Shame that road to this place was quite a challenge for not that experienced driver ;)
We managed though and had a very, very nice time there, together..


on the boat

As you might know we got to like boats :)
Here few pictures we took at the boat around Derwentwater.
The one of me... M. will say it’s not good technically but I love it!
Photography is so much more that just technical quality, I have to remind him ;)