A Little Love Note

I know, it might be a bit cheesy buy... just wanted to say that just in 17 days M. will come over and this time he will stay for good! Making me the happiest person on the whole island, at least :)
I sooooooooooooo can’t wait!!!!!
M, this is for you >> ♥


Inside the Box of Darkness

Here-few photographs to prove we don’t only go to Tate to have coffee ;)
Mirosław Bałka’s installation “How It Is” was disappointing at first as we didn’t experience what was described by the critiques.
As soon as you see that it’s not about the loneliness expressed by enclosure within the black box but about the loneliness with relation to the outside, you get what artist really wanted to achieve.
If only it was still there we would recommend you to visit the place.
As the exhibition is finished, we will leave you with a couple of images Maciej took on that day.
Enjoy :)


Our favorite spot at Tate, accompanied usually by a nice cup of coffee :)



I somehow feel strange posting more happy pictures from Easter after what happened this weekend...
We're still in shock and would like to express our condolences to families of all the people that died.
They were the elite of our country, this loss is impossible to recover...
(photo by Maciej)


London Calling

Few more from Easter Saturday in London.
No eggs but hey! ;)
It was a beautiful sunny day (despite the most pessimistic weather forecast!) filled with walking, taking pictures, eating fantastic food and visiting museums-our favourite combination ;)

New Neighbourhood

Here is our new neighbourhood, can't wait to move!
There are many, many beautiful streets, perfect for long walks.
Fancy joining us? :)


Us in London

..doing our usual 6x6s.

(I don't know how it works.. but--this was not my first or second visit to london and each time it's beautifully sunlit.. I feel so good there..)

Inn The Park

During the Easter break, we decided to go to London to see few exhibitions and visit some of our favorite places.
One of them is Inn The Park restaurant, located in St. James park, where we started our day with a very tasty breakfast.
We really do recommend this place as the setting is beautiful and the food is delicious!
While we were waiting for this place to open we were passed by no one else but by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown himself, jogging “with” his bodyguards :)
We thought this was a sign it would be a great day and it was!

Our Home To Be

Soon we won't be apart anymore!
Here's a little sneak peak of our new home :)