the team

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Rooftops of Zurich

This spot became our favorite, especially in the evenings when we got back home (to our hosts Lukas & Agata) after all day of exploring Zurich.
Almost every block of flats has a communal terrace like that.
What was great, was the fact that no one used this one except us so we could have it all to ourselves ;)
Here few images taken last Friday, enjoying the first GAP in the sky that day ;)

swiss made

Here just a sneak peek from our visit in Zurich.
More soon!


portrait photo session

Few more that came out of this session :)


Sunday Portrait

M. took a series of my portraits this weekend, using his zero image camera. We decided to show this one.
It's a mysterious machine as the more alive/kinetic you are, the moreinvisible you become. That’s why it is so difficult to take pictures of people as you haveto sit without a move for minutes…
Overall, I really like the effect it gives, sometimes it shows how ephemeral everything is.


Mostly Jazz

Yes, mostly jazz or maybe just a little bit of jazz, a bit of world music and electronic…
Still very enjoyable in nice surrounding, with sunshine, friends and good music, even if not only jazz :)