First Time(s)

The FIRST TIME we met was June, 2009. London, UK. The weather in London was, as always, wonderful, warm and sunny. It was a strange, yet such a special and important weekend. Wonderful memory.

The FIRST TIME I did the b&w print enlargments was today, October 2009. Which negatives could I use if not these? Of course, I am not happy about the results (well, the timer appeared not to work at all), yet it's great to finally do it.


The World Today

the world in orange



..our walk, one afternoon in Zgierz.


Secret Garden-Behind the Scenes

Here few photos taken during the “Secret Garden” shoot ;)
As you can see, model’s job is not as easy as it seems and requires a lot of creativity and experience.
Of course our models were very easy to work with, the photographer says that meeting them was a pleasure and an amazing experience!

We wouldn’t complete this project without our producers who looked after our safety and made sure we had perfect conditions for the shoot.

We all had a great time and look forward to working with each other in the near future :))

Secret Garden

These photographs are never in chronological order but we keep posting them as we develop our films. Because every time we are so excited and willing to share them with you, well... you have to forgive us it ends up this way.
Here few more photographs taken last weekend in Zgierz.
There was a lot going on that afternoon in the garden: berry picking, sand soup making, looking at the sky using magical telescope and a lot more! All thanks to these two amazing children and their imagination :)

Music for Airports

sometimes blue has to leave orange.. for a while.. to be back in a while.


Banqueting at the Register Office

After all the speeches and prayers during the opening ceremony we all went to the Register Office where we had a chance to meet and talk to the prominent guests.
As you can see even children couldn’t complain at lack of things to do in this intriguing for them and special place.

Zgierz 2009

This weekend we took part in some of the events of the 70th Anniversary of Extermination of the Jews of Zgierz.
Here, first few photographs taken at the opening ceremony that took place at the Jewish cemetery in Zgierz.
More information and the full programme of the anniversary events can be found here.


The View

A couple of first images taken in NY.
M. looking over Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park :)



The constant feeling of wanting to be somewhere else than we are...
Picture of Corte D’Azur taken in… Brooklyn, NY, Sep 2009.


Our Special Place

...and then there was London again and again...
I guess we got to like that city a lot :)



exactly 4 months ago. that's when it all started...


San Gennaro’s Feast

M. walking along the streets of Little Italy trying to avoid temptation.
It was hard though with all that amazing food around...

New Yorkers

All photographs taken by Maciej.

Lights of NY

Times Square

Lincoln Center

5th Avenue

Neons in Chelsea

Chelsea, we should have gone to get to know our future ;)


On a Slow Boat to...

... Liberty Island.
It was such a pleasant subject to photograph.
It was such a pleasant day....