Memories #7-Warsaw, Ciasna

The last one today. This is a picture that M. took with his camera obscura beautifully capturing the atmosphere of his place.
I guess I'm quite sentimental about it and I will really miss that place as this is where we've spent a lot of nice moments. On the other hand leaving it will start a new stage in our lives, much more complete and happy. Fingers crossed and it will be a dream come true!
I know it will :)


Memories #6-2009/2010

Welcoming of 2010 in Warsaw-Mokotów with friends, dancing, smoking cigars and drinking Cava in Jamaje (Hawaiian+Jamajcan) mood in the middle of very wintery winter!


Memories #5-Christmas

M. with my dad :)
Moszna, Christmas 2009.


Memories #4-Zgierz

Family M's meeting for the first time.. and--being an important participant of a highly important event for M's home town. Great job, Mal, we all were so proud of you!:-)


Memories #3-NY

This picture was taken on one of our last days in New York last summer.
We were finishing building Cardboard Gallery (read more about it here) with our friends for The Under The Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn.
As it was getting closer to the end of the day, we decided to have a break and go for a short walk to see the sun set over Manhattan...


Memories #2-Warszawa

One of our coffees.. our first meeting in Warsaw. July. Suddenly, we could hear heavy rain quickly approaching us and see the people running chaotically in all directions, trying to hide from it under tiniest piece of shelter.

They have really good coffe at Cava.

Memories #1-London

Normally we would see each other about now but because of various reasons we have to wait another 3 weeks.
To keep this blog going and to dig out some nice memories we will post one photograph each day this week, all from our trips and adventures in the past year (almost :)).
Here is the first one from London, taken last year, on our first ever trip together.
What you see here is our beginning of the day-breakfast on the grass in Hyde Park.
More to come tomorrow, or actually today...