And us enjoying the sun on Sunday :)

this is what home feels like



say cheese!

I know the level of cheesiness on our blog reached some dangerous heights but you have to forgive us and give a little bit of your understanding ;)
Well, so this is it, together at last and not just for a moment but for good!
Here are few photos we took with use of a funny machine, all taken in our new flat.
Took loads but decided to share these two sets with you :)
What do you think?


Last Week Apart

..life amazes sometimes. we have met not a year ago in London and now, in exactly one week we are going to start our new lives--our new life together. this is our last week apart from each other.

yes, Mal, this one is especially for you.. I know how much you like this Brick Lane-Portrait..


No Words Can Say

Amazing news from my parets yesterday!
Life can surprise you more that you think...
Looks like me and M. will be taking photographs at that very special day for them :)