this is a man's world

...but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman...

...or a girl :)

family name day party.


Memory of Co-Operation

One more memory from our weekend in wales and an example of photographic co-operation. M invents the photograph, M makes it. M+M like the result.

It was a wonderful weekend....


................ [--7--]

well.... I'm not going to tell you anything about these two..

who's looking at you, kid?


Report from the Moon

The surface on the Moon is deserted and hazardous. The air is light and foggy. The light is dim, with moments of direct shine. You can find strange alien objects there, so beware.

We have been there. It is so beautiful.

view point

we were looking not only at the surrounding mountains ;)



The whole trip was very well organised, there was a hired car and driver (that didn’t come with the car ;)) that took our photographer to all the exciting places.
In full sun (pic.1) or in the rain (pic.2) the driver (not hired) was going bravely through all the windy welsh roads with help of the navigator/photographer :)

Below, you can see a bit of our (hired) Power Demon. The Demon's full power allowed us to climb all the welsh passes.. sloowllyyyy....

Even after a long day in the quarries we had something good prepared for our hungry stomachs.
Oh, how nice it would be if we could go there more often....


photographer and his machines

My view and how I love looking at him working... :)


Golden Sun

...but it doesn't always rain in Wales.
We had a beautiful day in Vivian Slate Quarries where we took loads of photographs, sometimes walking into places we weren't allowed to but it was worth the risk!
We will post more photos from that amazing place soon.

Walking in the Rain-Ogwen

That little green dot on the first image is Mal, waiting patiently for M. to take his beautiful photographs :)
Well the weather that day was... welsh=wet but that didn't put us off, we decided to explore Ogwen surrounded by majestic mountains and fog, all very atmospheric.
North Wales is one of those places in Britain that can be forgiven for bad weather as it actually makes the place even more magical, as it was that day.


Sneak peek

As we need some time to develop and segregate the photographs from our weekend in Wales (as always there's loads!) here is just a small peview of what we did and places we visited.



Few polaroids from our weekend in Wales, more photos soon :)