every time we say goodbye

You know how the song goes..
Hope to have you with us soon :)


Few images taken during our lazy Sunday together.
Nice, long walk and visit in a local pub, as every walk needs to end in a pub ;)



Maciej's work published at Icon_ology here.
(he's among people like Steven McCurry!)
You can also see his work on 5d Magazine here and read an interview with him here.
I am soooo proud! :)


you probably know these people? (M's parents :))
it was so nice to have you, thank you for coming!
dziekujemy za odwiedziny!


the last supper ;)

well, the last one during our visit in Zurich...
hopefully we will meet around a table somewhere with these people as we love their company :) and Lukasz will have to finish his story!! (he know's what I'm talking about! ;))
and that's it for now, no more Zurich picts but tomorrow we will post some (hopefully) nice photos of the time we shared with yet another visitors ;)



us, yesterday during our walk in close by park.
(yes, we still get on ;))



another building we "had to" see and what a dissapointment...
Dolder Grand by Foster.
it didn't matter though as we really enjoyed getting there on the cable car and walking down this beautiful hill, admiring some impressive villas from the beginning of the XXth century.

river swimming

well, we didn't jump in as we had no swimming suits but we envied all the people that swam in the Limmat River.... maybe next time :)


Sihlcity is an interesting development located on the grounds of a former paper factory Sihlcity, with many bars, restaurants, shops, cinema etc.
We had to go there for the architecture ;)
Here few photos from that place.


industrial beauty

Schiffbau Schauspielhaus is the Hardbrucke's most precious jewel.
It used to be a shipyard, now it's a cultural centre, rich with many original features that make this place so special..
Hope you'll enjoy these :)


Hardbrucke is a place we really like. Gritty, industrial area converted into a very trendy place, with galleries, atmospheric bars and restaurants, really nice shops. Where kids have their playgrounds right next to enormous factory chimneys and nobody seems to have problem with that. Where these, hated here, postindustrial monsters are treated as treasures and part of the history of this place, it's heritage...
We loved it there... thank God, Freitag's shop was closed ;)