It was Mal's last visit in this little flat.
Here is how she wants to remember this place...

winter in black and white

Me spotted, M. studied in detail :)

falling angels

New doors in Jesuit Church in Warsaw by Igor Mitoraj.

Sushi-Hands On

Oh yes! As you can see everyone was involved, well... maybe except the photographers..
Thank you guys for a lovely evening!
Marta, Happy Birthday and Name Day too :)


Doing our usual :)
These photographs help us last till the next time...

more coffee and... chocolate

Yes, we didn’t try to restrain ourselves that day.
We had it all, sweet buns, chocolate, creamy coffee…
It helps with the mood when we have to leave each other for a while..


Coffee :)

Every walk needs to end with a good cup of coffee :)

Sunday Walk

Despite the sun, it was still quite wintery (proven by the fact that M. is wearing a hat! ;)).
Near that fountain Mal was caught by Polish television and had to talk to them about missed Spring.
We do miss Spring but thanks to that snow we could enjoy our time in Warsaw for a bit longer...


Birthday Present

Remember the kite that featured in at least two previous posts?
Well, here is the lucky owner of this amazing toy that came to him all the way from the UK!
Hopefully he will be able to test it and enjoy it in the Spring. From now on he will be a proper participant of the local Day of the Kite!!:-)


Camera Obscura

Well.. here we are. Back at the very roots.
The CAMERA OBSCURA (we don't like to modern name--the pinhole).

The ZERO IMAGE 612B (http://www.zeroimage.com/web2003/EntryPage/entryFrameset.htm). Manufactured beautifully of teak wood and brass in Hong Kong by Mr Zernike Au, edition number 268, limited to 2 000 editions. Produces magnificent (in formats from 4.5x6, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and--the very preferred--panoramic 6x12cm) images on medium format film out of light coming through the 0.25mm hole (f/stop of 158), which forces exposure times ranging up to hours! A highly engaging and exciting toy!!

The two images you see below have been taken in York and on Luton Airport and were the first ones to come out of the wooden box.

Exposure time: 12seconds (on a cloudy day)

Exposure time: 36minutes (in artificial light of the airport lounge.. the crowds passing by have disappeared on the photograph, the only ghost you can see on one of the chairs--a man sitting there for about a quarter of an hour.. amazing).

The Kite

And not just any kite! a very special T's 3rd Birthday Kite!


More Coffee and Chocolate in York in Colour

We liked Cafe Concerto.. the lunch there, mediterranean style, was gorgeous.. We liked the hot chocolate at this tiny chocolate shop right at the Little Shambles as well..